How to Fix Toilet and Septic Tank Problems Without Calling Malabanan Services

Malabanan Siphoning and Plumbing ServicesIn most cases, you will immediately call Malabanan Siphoning LB once you encounter toilet and septic tank (pozo negro) problems. Checking the problem first before calling us can help you save money. There are some situations where you can fix them all by yourself. Here are some of them:

Fixing a clogged toilet

In some cases, you can fix a clogged toilet on your own by using a conventional plunger. If the problem is not solved, you can try using a toilet auger (also known as plumbing snake). It is a flexible spiral tool with a long sleeve handle on one end and a special auger bit at the other end.

Removing the toilet bowl

If clogging continues, you can also remove your toilet bowl on your own. Simply turn off and disconnect the water supply, then remove the screws of the base of your toilet. Be careful when lifting your toilet bowl as there could be some dirty water that can spill into your floor.

Unclogging of septic tank

If you can withstand the bad smell, you can repair minor septic tank problems. You can use a garden hoe to dig up the soil that surrounds your septic tank and open its lid. If the level below the inlet of the house, it is likely that there is an object at the end of the lid. You can dislodge it using high pressure water.

Repair minor leaks

To repair minor leaks on your septic tank, you will need a very strong concrete epoxy. The lid and the seal of your septic tank are the most common areas prone to crack. Make sure you first remove all the dirt from the crack before you apply the adhesive, and that you follow the epoxy manufacturer’s instruction.

While you can save some money from doing minor repairs on your own, calling a professional plumber or a septic tank expert is always a better option. Besides avoiding the inconvenience during repair, we at Malabanan Siphoning LB, offer the lowest service fee available without sacrificing the quality of work.

Simply give us a call at (02) 962-3331 and we will be very happy to help you.

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